What this is all about...

You found my (arT2 aka lowtechman aka hub23 aka gamemodul) very personal website. You can browse here through my creations, both old and new. It's by far not everything, only the stuff I think it's worth to remember.

I do all of this to free my mind, learn new things and plant some seeds. Most of my works are the result of me trying to capture moments, thoughts and the sum of it.

Also, this website acts as a portal to all my other stuff that's scattered over the world wide web. So if you don't remember the link to something I did, you'll probably find it here somewhere.

I constructed the name from parts of . I had not the the Etruscan civilization in mind. Anyway, this site and my mind are not limited to those topics.


For questions, feedback, constructive criticism, etc., feel free to send me an email: [javascript required]

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